Object: The object of Touch is to become the first player/team to reach 25 points or higher, without touching another ball, falling off the course. or landing short of the minimum distance line.

Competition: Touch can be played one-on-one or with teams.

Format: A total of twelve balls are used for each round and must be evenly divided among all players/teams.

To Begin Play: All players/teams alternate putts until all 12 balls are putted, or a player/team chooses to pass. If a player/team chooses to pass, the opposing player/team may finish the round and continue putting until they pass or run out of balls. The winner of the previous round starts the new round.

Scoring: A winner is determined by the first player/team to reach 25 points or higher after a completed round.

Penalties: Players/teams immediately lose if the following occurs:

  • A player/team putts a ball, and makes contact with any other ball on the course.
  • A player/team putts a ball off the course.
  • A player/team doesn’t land a ball at least halfway over the minimum  distance line.