Object: The object of Subtractor is to be the first player/team to score 25 points or higher, and to to erase your opponents score by using subtractor balls.

Competition: Subtractor can be played either one-on-one or with teams.

Format: A total of twelve balls are used for each round and must be evenly divided among all players/teams.

To Begin Play: Each player/team must alternate putts leaving all balls on the course. During play each player/team may choose to putt with a team ball or a subtractor ball.

Scoring: Scores are tallied after all 12 balls are putted. Team balls will not count for every opposing team’s subtractor ball that lies in the same point zone. IE: if a player/team has three of their team balls in the 3-point zone and the opposing team has two Subtrtactor balls in the same zone, only 3-points will be tallied. Only team balls count for a score.