Call Your Score

Object: The object of Call your Score, is to score closer to your called total score than the opposing player/team’s called score, without going over.

Competition: Call your Score can be played either one-on-one or with teams.

Format: A total of twelve balls are used for each round and must be evenly divided among all players/teams.
To begin play: Before the game begins each player/team chooses the total points that their team can score. I.E. (a player/team chooses 30 points, they then have six balls to score as close as they can to 30 points without going over.) Each player/team alternates putts until all twelve balls are putted. Players/teams cannot choose the same score.

Scoring: To qualify for a score, a player/team must not exceed their called score. Once the round is complete, a winner is determined by the player/team scoring the closest to their called score. In the event of a tie, a winner is determined by the player/team with the highest score. If both players/teams go over the called score, a new round must be played. Penalties: In order to qualify for points each player’s/team’s last ball must be at least halfway over the minimum distance line.