Brick & Putt

Object: The object of Brick&Putt is to be the first player/team to reach 25 points or higher after a round is complete.

Competition: Brick&Putt can be played one-on-one or with teams.

Format: A total of twelve balls are used for each round and must be evenly divided among all players/teams. Each player/team must alternate putts using all twelve balls to complete a round.

To Begin Play: Once the order of play is determined, each player/team goes in turn putting one at a time. Players/teams must alternate putts. All putted balls remain on the course until the round is complete. If no player/team reaches 25 points or higher by the time the first round is finished, the scores are recorded and a new round begins. To start a new round, the player/team with the highest score from the previous round putts first.

Scoring: Scores can only be tallied after all balls are putted. All point regions are marked on the course. The hole closest to the putting line is worth 5 points. The hole farthest from the putting line is worth 6 points. At the end of each round, points are awarded by either putting your ball into a hole, or by landing it within the 1- or 3-point areas. Balls must lie at least halfway over the line to obtain a score. Balls that bounce off the back wall onto the course are still in play. Only balls that bounce off the rear wall are allowed to roll back onto the course. If any ball on the course is pushed off by another  ball, then no points are awarded for that ball which is no longer on the course. In the event of a tie, all players/teams involved must continue play until a clear winner is established