A great way to raise money for your fund raiser is setting up a Brickandputt course at the event. On may 18th 2013, we were able to raise money for a local cancer survivor who is battling cancer again. Even though Gail is a fighter, she has been told this time it is terminal. The annual fund raiser is called, “make a dream come true” and we were able to raise enough money for Gail to complete her life long dream of going to Hawaii.

The Event was a golf tournament and participants played Brickandputt while they waited to tee off. This worked out perfect as the golfers had about an hour to kill before setting out with their clubs. We charged  players $5 to putt for highest score.  After the golf tournament, we took the top five Brickandputt scores and had a playoff. The winner won a Brickandputt course to take home, and the proceeds went to a great cause. Next year we will make another persons dream come true.

From 30 participants down to the final 4.

fundraiser 2                               The two finalists battling it out playing the game of  “Money Ball”

brick finals fund raiser 2013

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