Brick&Putt Deluxe Model

Now you can play Brick&Putt anywhere you go with the fully portable Deluxe model.  This brand new model comes with a professional grade synthetic turf and  2 official sized cups and colored balls.  The balls and back/side walls are easily stored away in the beautiful fold out maple course. This makes it extra easy for storage and  transporting

When the course is folded up it is 28″ x 18″  The turf rolls up separately, and is 12′ long by 18″ wide.

Available again in March 2013.

Ready for the road…

Another way to utilize the course. Just bring the all weather turf that comes with the Deluxe model to the beach for added fun. It only takes a few minutes to form the slope and break that you want. Then just unroll the turf and start playing the games.

Beach Brick

One thought on “Brick&Putt Deluxe Model

  1. I really enjoy your product, I have the Deluxe model. I can practice on it any time and any place. I use it indoors and I can use it outdoors. This is the best golf game I have ever had, and it works very well. I like the real turf. It is the closest thing I can practice on without visiting a golf course.
    This is great! I really love it!
    Evan Matuszak

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