Russell Valena, from Santa Rosa California, is the creator of an awesome new game called Brick&Putt. Brick&Putt actually stands for a collection of games. These games have accumulated over the past 12 years. Originally, the games were formulated for a small group of friends and family. But with the games being so competitive and addicting, more players became involved. Working as a bartender at Bodega Harbour Golf links, Russell had the perfect place to showcase his games.  Soon after, tournaments were held at local wineries, Pubs and restaurants. “League play is fun, but the tournaments are much more competitive”. This year we are averaging two tournaments a month. It will be nice to see this game played at the highest level. Tiger Woods !

So whats the Brick Mean? Brick and Putt was the first name that came to mind when first creating the game. Brick just refers to any putt without finesse. You know, like an ugly free throw shot. Basically any lucky shot, I call a Brick. When I first started I referred to all my putts as Bricks

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