Game of the Month


A game that seems to be played on a regular basis, both in tournaments and at home is  “Call your Score”. This game is interesting because each player/team must call out the total score they expect to obtain after all balls are putted without going over. The player/team that comes closer to their called score wins.

In this game it is important to win the lag. This gives you the option of  putting first or last, and calling your score first or last. In most games its better to go last. This gives you a chance to  disrupt the opposing player’s/team’s score by knocking their ball into a different point zone, or off the course.

Hint: One mistake new players/teams seem to make is that they tend to call too high of  a score. For instance, lets say you called 30 points and I called 18. Now you have 6 balls to try and get close to 30 points. But, since we alternate putts I will do my best to block the holes while trying to get close to my called score of  18. There is less room for error when a high score is called.  However, if you are a skilled putter, the higher score will ensure the win.

You can find the complete rules to “Call your Score”  below.

BrickandPutt Volume 2 official Rulebook