What is a brick……

Why Brick&Putt for the name.? Yep, a question that’s been asked before. A “brick” is a fairly common term used to describe an ugly free throw, in basketball.  However, a brick can apply to any sport. Hence, a putt. We welcome all attempts. So Bricks Ahoy!

Game of the month ” Money Ball”

 People ask me all the time “which game do you like best”? Although I really don’t have a clear favorite right now, lately my go to game is Money Ball.  It always comes down to one putt in order to qualify for points and the win. That one putt is your Money Ball. So when I square up against an opponent , I  try to make sure to win the lag. That way I can I can opt to go second in the order of play. Because in Money Ball, having the last putt puts you in the driver’s seat.

                                                             Money Ball 
Object: The object of Money Ball is to land the Money Ball closest to the back edge of the course, and to be the first player/team to score 25 points or higher.
Competition: Money Ball can be played either one-on-one or with teams.
Format: A total of twelve balls are used for each round and must be evenly divided among all players/teams. Each player/team must alternate putts leaving all balls on the course.
To begin play: Each player/team alternates putts until all twelve balls are putted. Each player/team has one Money Ball. The Money Ball should be a different color making it easy to identify. Players/teams may choose to putt the Money Ball any time during the round.
Scoring: Only one player/team can qualify for points after a round is complete. The only player/team that has their Money Ball closest to the back edge gets to tally their score. The Money Ball will not count for points. A winner is determined by the first player/team to reach 25 points or higher after a round is complete.

Scores will not be tallied if the following occurs:
• Money Ball does not land at least halfway over the minimum distance line.
• Money Ball lands off the course or in one of the holes.

The player/team that scores without reaching 25 points or higher starts the new round.

Penalties: Once the Money Ball is played, any remaining balls from that player/team must be putted past the minimum distance line in order to qualify for points.

In  the illustration below Black plays Blue. Black has a pink Money Ball. Blue has a yellow Money Ball. All 12 balls have been putted. Only Blue can score since its Money Ball is closer to the back edge than Blacks Money Ball. Blues starts the next round with 17 points.